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At Lean Growth Lab, we believe in the power of data-driven decision making and innovative marketing strategies to drive meaningful growth. Our approach is tailored to the unique dynamics of B2B services and SaaS startups.

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Our Mission

At Lean Growth Lab , our mission is to revolutionize customer acquisition for B2B Services and technology companies and beyond through data-driven strategies and innovative buyer intent analytics.

We are committed to creating cutting-edge systems that not only identify in-market prospects but transform them into valuable clients for high-caliber businesses. By doing so, we aim to accelerate innovation and growth, ensuring our clients aren't just part of the market — they lead it.

Our approach is rooted in our core values of constant learning, challenging conventional methods, and fostering meaningful relationships, all while upholding integrity and placing people over profits.

Our vision at Lean Discovery Group is to redefine success for small businesses globally, aiming for a future where 92% of small businesses not only survive but thrive in their first year and beyond.

We believe that by mastering scalable lead generation and establishing predictable sales systems, we can address and solve major business pain points.

Through our commitment to data-driven precision, free-thinking, and an unwavering focus on growth and goodwill, we aspire to be a catalyst for change — a firm that doesn't just adapt to the market but reimagines it, paving the way for a new era of business success and innovation.

Our Vision

What Our Clients Say

"Lean Growth Lab significantly increased our monthly SQLs with efficient, data-driven strategies and unparalleled support, driving our growth."

Billy Vasquez
CEO, Financial Advisory Services

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Joan Wallace
CEO, Webflow

Our Team

Meet the Experts Behind Your Growth - A team of seasoned marketers, data analysts, and growth hackers dedicated to your success.

Tucker Lorentzen

Marketing Manager

Emily Kim

data analysts

Ethan Chen

Financial Analyst

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